Dangers Of Aids On Workplace Health

The world looks to workplace health as the answer to one of the world?s most pressing concerns, healthcare. So much time is spent in the office by an employee that making sure education and programs targeted at the company level should also translate to national cost savings. By having a good program at work, employees can live happier healthier lives that means cost savings to both companies and the nation.

The great thing about workplace health is how it can literally change the nation into living healthier. The direct family of an employee can be influenced by the employees now changed attitude towards health, and in turn emulate and affects others too. Looking at it in a different light, healthcare problems are not that big, once the private sector and public sector team up.

This article takes a closer inspection of a few of the top workplace health programs currently being implemented around the world. Programs such as diet and nutrition awareness programs, stop smoking policies, breast cancer and cervical cancer for women and AIDS prevention programs. By implementing these in any workplace, organization health should improve.

Sadly, a lot of people have no idea what AIDS still is therefore as employers, it is very much a duty for them to educate their employees about the dangers of AIDS and how it transmits from one to the other. Dangers of AIDS, ways of transmitting it, safe sex are all concerns needed to be addressed by any company health program. Simple workplace health programs like this can make a huge lasting difference in eliminating AIDS altogether.

Women are a substantial part of any company and it is wise for employers to include women health topics in their workplace health programs. Any curriculum needs to include the number one most common cancer among women and that is breast cancer. Aside from awareness, employers should help women employees detect breast cancer earlier on through regular mammography screening.

The dangers of cervical cancer and how to prevent it and treat it are some of the things women employees should know. Employers need to create awareness among its female workforce and promote getting vaccines for cervical cancer. Workplace health programs should continue to provide or encourage Pap smear tests for its employees as the effectiveness of vaccines is not a hundred percent.

Sadly, most people know that smoking is bad for their health, yet they continue to take cigarette breaks after cigarette breaks. Because of peer pressure in the office, people tend to smoke more at work than in any other place. Smoking should never be allowed at work as it is proven smoking does not help anybody especially and deteriorates good workplace health.

Eating is one the biggest factors in making us healthy or not and should be part of any company workplace health program. With so many junk foods proliferating our diets, it is no wonder we get sick so easily. Companies can help keep employee diets healthy, by making sure employee canteen or food stalls only serve healthy food stuff.