Discount Dental And Health Programs Are Readily Available

Hi Everyone,

What is going on in health care? Did you know that more than 47 million Americans are uninsured and 31 million are underinsured? Are you one of them? Seven out of ten Americans have no dental plan.

Let’s get a few things straight. Traditional health insurance is a rip off. There are many discount programs that offer incredible savings. The funny thing is, the vast majority of Americans don’t even have any coverage. Now, if you research discount plans, prices may vary from company to company, but one thing is still the same. Most only cover one category. It is very difficult to find a company that offers a wide variety of discounts on all sorts of care.

There is a massive shift in the health care industry happening right now. People are starting to notice consumer driven health care. This is basically word of mouth advertising. By not spending money on advertising, the company can pay independent business owners (IBO’s) to send people their way, and still offer huge savings to the consumer. By cutting out the middle man (your local insurance broker) families are finally getting the coverage they need and deserve. Don’t fall prey to outrageous insurance.

It’s funny. I walk into stores and restaurants and see business cards and so on… One time I picked up a card that said something like, “Save Big On Health Insurance…” On the other side it had pricing for individual and family plans. For a family plan it was several hundred dollars per month. I’m talking about your basic medical insurance plan. With a discount plan (one I know of personally) you can get a family plan for less than $60/month that covers just about everything you could think of. I’m talking about medical, dental, vision, prescription, chiropractic, a 24 hour nurse line, legal assistance, car club, and more - ALL for $60 per month - and that covers your entire family! Discount programs are the smart alternative to insurance. Cut out the middle man and you will save big money.

And check this out. Do you know of anyone who spends hundreds on prescriptions per month? You know, people with high volume “maintenance” type drugs? There are people like this everywhere who can’t even afford their medications. Well, have you ever heard of an Unlimited Prescription Plan? Most people haven’t. They wouldn’t be spending outrageous money right now if they had. These people NEED their meds, and they HAVE TO pay for them. Maybe it’s YOU. Imagine getting all the coverage I already mentioned above PLUS unlimited prescriptions for only an additional $82 per month. That’s right. No quantity limit. No limit on the number of different types of medications either. Literally - Unlimited Prescriptions. Whatever you need. However much of it you need. You’re covered. And the company does all the legwork.

What if you are spending hundreds per month on diabetic supplies? We have a plan that’s right for you - no matter how many times per day you test!

Considering lasik eye surgery? You could save off 50% off the national average.

Not only will you save big, but you can also EARN big by helping spread the word. This new industry (consumer driven health care) is predicted to top over $10 trillion in the next few years. There is serious money to be made in a movement of this magnitude and there is no reason to miss the boat. You can save money and make money, all while getting the coverage you and your family need. The best part is, in a sluggish economy, these types of programs expand because people REALLY NEED them.

If I might add, there are a few more great reasons to be a part of a discount plan. They are: No limits on visits, services, or age. You can change providers whenever you want to. Pre-existing conditions are covered. Braces, lipid panels, lab work, etc. all included. Specialists included. No deductible. No claim forms. No waiting periods. Need I say more? If you currently have traditional health insurance, it would be in your best interest to switch to a discount program of some sort. Even if you have no problem paying for your current insurance and want to keep it, you can still get a very cheap discount plan, and get further discounts on what your insurance won’t cover.

Let’s say you have health insurance that is paid for by your employer, but it doesn’t cover dental. Perfect. For less than $20 per month, you can get discount coverage on a variety of things including dental.