Getting Inspired And Fith With The Ea Sports Active 30-day Challenge

You can achieve your fitness goals with EA’s 30-Day Challenge. To make this mission more fun, you can use a variety of activities. Workouts no longer have to be boring because now you can choose from more than 25 activities.

This 30 day challenge should be done on your own. If you want to exercise with a friend, you can do many pre-set or custom workouts. These, however, will not count as part of the challenge.

To make your workout easier to track and follow, the journal calendar included in the software keeps track of every single workout. Within the 30 days, you will see a slightly different calendar that only tracks the specific workouts that you do as part of the challenge. You will be able to see your level, next workout, and rest days. There are tabs on the top corner of each journal page. You are able to flip through the pages and see what has been done and what is yet needed. Though you may not be able to do workouts for days you missed, you are allowed to fill out the survey form and record other activities done outside the program.

Just like an actual workout at the gym, Wii Active was designed to be flexible. You can make these activities suit your lifestyle and adjust to your needs. The makers behind the software recognize the fact that reality can sometimes get in the way and that you also need to make adjustments so that you are able to meet your other responsibilities.

By: Amy H. Wells