Healthy Happy Cows Give Better Milk

Let’s face it. Rarely do we find people in the cities who have their own herd of cows. There is no choice but to depend on what is available in the market. So, if you were to ask a simple question on what milk you drink, in all probability your answer would be cow’s milk. Ever given it a thought that it could be buffalo or goat’s milk? Perhaps not. You would trust the brand of milk that you have been drinking for so long so why would that question arise at all. Well, there is nothing wrong in doing so but our point in making is you should make an informed decision and this decision should be focused on drinking not just cow’s milk but milk that is fresh, safe, and clean. Can you say that for your milk brand?

There are various milk brands in the market and almost all follow one simple method of collecting milk and that is through collection centres or third party sources. Except one, which is TruMilk that do not believe in this method. TruMilk is a complete end-to-end product owned by Dairy Pride. What this simply means is that the milk is from their own herd of cows, residing in their own farms, and milked and managed by their own people. We found out that this is a key differentiator on how you can tell whether you are drinking cow’s milk or from any other animal. There are no buffalos, no goats, and not even different breed of cows. TruMilk is only from the breed of Holstein Friesen cows.

These cows are large, stylish looking animals. They originated in Europe and they are most quickly recognized by their distinctive color markings and outstanding milk production all over the world.

The Dairy Pride’s team of dedicated in-house experts ensures that the cows are housed in hygienic, stress-free conditions. From monitoring the cows’ diet to their health, from where they are sheltered to, there is nothing that our panel of experts will leave to chance. If there’s any doubt about their health, they are quarantined till they are fully recovered and again ready for milking. The cows are well cared for, at the time of good as well as bad health. And believe it or not, we found out that the cows have an ear for music too! At their leisure hours, they listen to music to relax.

The facilities are clean and were constantly under routine checks by their staff to ensure that the place remains so at all times. The waste disposal systems are well planned to keep the area clean at all times. It was a well-laid out facility where there are separate areas for feeding, loafing, and milking parlours for the cows. Since their herd is housed in their very own facility, it is possible to maintain the highest level of hygiene and quality control. Quite a different scenario when compared to all other brands where milk is collected from different animals and sources with few or no hygiene and veterinary controls.

In all the Dairy Pride facilities, there is no use of hands in the entire process of milking. It is 100% machine milked. This is also one way of looking after the health of the cows. Dairy Pride uses the latest of European technology in dairy farming. The udders of the cows are thoroughly cleaned by water sprays before and with iodine after milking. For milking, sterilized machines are attached to the udders and then activated. The milk is directly transported from the cow through sterile sealed pipes into bulk tanks. Milk is then immediately refrigerated and pasteurized. The processed milk is automatically packaged using high-tech imported packing machines. TruMilk comes totally untouched by human hands till it reaches you. This not only ensures that it is completely free of contaminations but also safeguards the cows are free from contracting any disease.

TruMilk is healthy for the cows. Because, whenever you drink TruMilk, you drink not only to your health but also to the health of the cows.

By: anku kohli