Herbalife Reviews – More Than A Shake, It’s A Community

Many people struggle to achieve a beneficial diet, a good exercise routine and a healthy lifestyle. Herbalife Nutrition can assist with all three. According to Herbalife reviews, the company has helped millions of people overcome their nutritional challenges and meet their lifestyle health goals. Herbalife does this by providing not only nutrition products but also a system of individual and group support that takes into account the specific needs of each person.

Nutrition Products

Herbalife Nutrition is a leader in meal replacements and other nutritional products around the globe. They are best known for their meal replacement shake, which is fortified with vitamins and minerals to keep hunger at bay. The flagship Formula 1 shake also contains 170 high-quality calories, protein including heart-beneficial soy protein, fiber and antioxidants. Herbalife also offers vegetarian, vegan and gluten-free shakes, as well as powdered milk options for countries that lack refrigeration.

Herbalife reviews show that these shakes are effective in weight management. There are many advantages that make them popular and easy to substitute for a meal as a replacement and also make them effective for achieving diet goals.

  • They don’t require preparation, so time-challenged people can use them instead of falling back on unhealthy choices.
  • Unlike complicated food plans, a meal replacement-based plan is easy to follow.
  • It’s much easier to count replacement shake calories than calories from a prepared meal.
  • Herbalife ensures nutritional quality with high-quality ingredients and careful sourcing.
  • They taste great. People around the world consume four million nutritious shakes every day.

Other Herbalife Nutrition products are aloe, which is a digestive aid that promotes nutrient absorption and intestinal health, and herbal teas for hydration, alertness and a boost to metabolism.


One-on-one Coaching

With Herbalife, nutrition products are only part of the program. Every customer has a one-on-one relationship with the independent distributor who supplies the product. This person acts as an individual coach. Herbalife realizes that every individual is unique and has their own distinct wellness goals, nutritional needs and support requirements. Furthermore, customers evolve over time, so the Herbalife distributors continuously monitor progress and modify the plans as needed. Often, it’s important to build people’s confidence that they can overcome wellness obstacles and achieve their goals.

Distributors discuss with customers what has and hasn’t worked in the past and why it’s been difficult to stick with what’s worked. They’ll ask about goals for the next few months as well as the long-range wellness objectives. They’ll assess how ready the customer is to make diet and lifestyle changes and encourage them in doing so. They’ll help the customer develop and stick to a unique weight management and wellness plan.

Nutrition Clubs

Herbalife recognizes that it’s easier to stick to a plan when you’re involved with a group of people who share your goals. Not only does every customer have a one-on-one relationship with a distributor, but customers are also invited to join a nutrition club. In these clubs, people find others like themselves and give and receive motivation and social support. They share and discuss guidance from Herbalife fitness and nutrition specialists.

There are 6,000 nutrition clubs in the US and more than 90,000 in 90 counties around the world.

Herbalife Nutrition Employee Wellness

Herbalife Nutrition has been around since 1980. Their commitment to nutrition and fitness extends to their own employees. They are committed to employee well-being and are invested in their success. Herbalife reviews point out testaments, assessments and awards to demonstrate employees are happy working at Herbalife. Herbalife consistently ranks toward the top of ratings for mid-sized employers.

Corporate and individual volunteerism is important at Herbalife. The company’s emphasis is on hunger-related causes and they work with various partners to aid underserved communities.