How To Stop Suffocating Asthma Without Dangerous Drugs

First, The Cause:

Most, but not all, patients with asthma are found to be allergic to certain substance (antigens), which provoke an acute attack.  These substances range from various foods, drugs, and chemicals to pollens, and many other substances.

The respiratory passages become filled with mucus, making breathing very difficult.  It is not infrequent in asthma sufferers to find that there is some associated problem in the stomach, intestines, or kidneys.  Eating certain foods will sometimes bring on an attack.

The Symptoms:

Most frequently there is shortness of breath, wheezing, and coughing.  This becomes so bad at times that the patient fears he may choke to death.

The severest attacks frequently occur during the night or early morning.  The patient feels that he must fight for air, and may have to get up and go to an open window, or some place where there is a great deal of fresh air. 

In sever cases, the patient may become almost black in the face or the complexion may become livid because of a lack of oxygen.

Some Medicinal Herbs:


It is a stimulant and tonic to the mucous membranes.  Warms and strengthens the lungs and promotes expectoration.  It is useful also for coughs.


It also helps with urination retention, kidney and bladder stones, and delayed menstruation


It's used to help remove and prevent the accumulation of mucus in the lungs.