Lose Weight And Stay Healthy

A Healthy life leads to success, so in order to stay healthy and fit; the person should not be obese. These days’ people are really concerned about their health and well being, they take good care of themselves. They want their body to be perfect in shape and size. People want to look smart and confident. So in order to look smart and confident, one should not be overweight. Hence there are many techniques used by the people to look smart and fit. Also, one should be confident and focused to lose weight.Basically, overweight and obesity occurs due to the accumulation of excess of adipose tissue, this accumulation may occur due to the over consumption of fats and carbohydrates. People who consume more and more food without doing any exercise, gain excess weight. This excess weight may lead to many diseases in the future and also in the present. It leads to many cardiac diseases like cardiac arrest, heart attacks etc. We know that eating healthy food is very important, but eating too much of food is not acceptable as our body won’t accept it .So eating should be done in accordance with the usage of food by the body people who just go on and on consuming the food , but do no exercise will obviously gain weight . So this practice should be avoided , people should eat only that much amount of food which their body can use to perform several functions of the body and also some external functions as well . Let us take for instant the example of people who stay in villages and the people who stay in metropolitan cities, the people who stay in villages do more of physical exercise then the people who stay in the cities as they go to the fields and use energy, so whatever they eat is consumed by their body. Whereas in the case of the people who live in the cities, do not go to fields but they go to offices where most of the work is done on the computer itself. Therefore no energy is consumed in doing the work. Hence people living in the cities tend to gain more weight than the people living in the villages. So the obese people should do exercises in order to lose weight and lead a healthy life. It will only help you to get a better life.

By: Franchis