Quest For Specialized Sports Workout Programs

The Quest For The Ultimate Athletes Workout Routine

When I want to improve my golf game and I want a workout routine that is specific to the sport of golf, why can't I find any? The Internet is completely inundated with general workout plans and body building workouts, but finding an excellent workout plan that you can trust for each of the different sports is more than difficult, it's almost impossible! It's amazing to me, but in today's health conscience society, in a health industry full of specialists, why is physical fitness training still back in the stone age? Why is it so hard to find workout programs designed for each individual sport? If you have a bad back you don't go to a general M.D., you go see an orthopedic doctor. If you have an impacted wisdom tooth you don't go to a general dentist, you see an oral surgeon. If you suddenly develop double vision you don't go to your local eye glass store, you see an ophthalmologist.

Workout Plans And Programs For Different Sports

Workouts need to be tailored to fit each sport differently because not all sports require the same muscle groups to be strengthened the same. Workouts should be divided into types depending on their tasks in that way workouts can properly focus on speed, technique, strength and endurance. I understand that professional and college sports teams have workout routines designed for their athletes, but I'm talking about the aspiring athlete. Where does he find a workout plan specific to the sport he is interested in. Where are baseball player workouts? Where are football player workouts? Where are hockey player workouts or basketball player workouts? Workouts for these and other different athletic sports are not general fitness or bodybuilding workouts. Although they may incorporate general and bodybuilding workouts. Workouts for these sports reflect the rigorous and physically demanding aspects of each specific sport.

A List Of Workout Routines For Popular Sports

Golfers Workouts - A good golfers workout program will help you to hit the ball harder and straighter! If you want to crush your drive straight down the fairway and have accurate stronger shots then you need a golf workout routine that is devoted half to improving flexibility and half to strength training. The best golf workouts will focus on developing the body's strength and stamina, golfing posture, the rotational flexibility, range of motion and ability to turn smoothly. Areas to focus on include the important forearm muscles, core strength /stability and flexibility exercises. The core exercises work the muscles of the abdominals, back and hips. So, if you are ready to increase your golf swing speed and distance then join a good golf workout program.

Baseball Player Workouts - Your baseball specific workout routines will have you hitting harder, running faster and swinging quicker. Just having good baseball skills is no longer enough. Today's baseball players are getting bigger and stronger - and you need a solid strength and conditioning program just to keep up! If you want to compete at the next level, you need the total workout package: strength, power, speed, and coordination.

Basketball Players Workouts - You will need an overpowering combination of strength, agility, quickness, conditioning and power. Your workout routines need to get you jumping higher, cutting faster and overpowering your opponents. If you’re not at top condition, you will get out played by your opponent.

Golden Glove Boxing Workouts - If you want to join the ranks of the top-ranked boxers in the world, you are going to need a serious training program. Your workout routines need to build blinding speed, explosive punching power and endless endurance. You'll need a lethal combination of devastating hand speed, bone-crushing power, blinding foot speed and endless stamina. Hand speed, strength training, quickness and endurance workouts are what is needed.

100 Meters Sprinters Workouts - If you want to explode out of the blocks and blaze to the finish line than you will need to do 100 meter sprinters workouts! There’s a reason why the winner of the Olympic 100 Meter Dash is always called "The World’s Fastest Human" It’s a race of 100% pure speed. Just you, the starting blocks, and a finish line. And if you want to continue to improve your personal best, you need to do the right strength workouts. Just sprinting on the track is not enough. Elite college and Olympic-level sprinters have full time strength coaches creating strength workouts for them. Workouts to transform them into powerful explosive sprinters (and it’s NOT doing time-wasting exercises like bicep curls!)

Ice Hockey Player Workouts - Your workout routines should consist of off-ice strength and conditioning programs just for hockey players. That means a workout plan consisting of strength training, plyo-metrics plus speed and agility drills. As a result you will get benefits of lightning speed and bone crushing strength to name a few.

Soccer Players Workouts - Your workout routines need a combination of lightning quick agility, incredible leg strength, blinding speed, massive power and never ending endurance. Serious soccer players who want to take their game to the next level need to workout on strength training, plyo-metrics and lightning fast foot speed.

Tennis Players Workouts - Tennis is a game of strength, speed, agility and power. Your workout routines should produce a unique combination of super endurance, explosive serving power, crushing ground strokes, blinding quickness, and finesse. Serious tennis players who want to become champions should workout on their strength training along with quickness, power and agility workouts.

Lacrosse Workouts - Lacrosse workouts requires lacrosse-specific strength and conditioning programs. Do you love to play lacrosse? If you’re serious about your lax game and are ready to take it to the next level – you need to train like the pros. You need knock out power, jaw-dropping strength, jackrabbit speed and agility plus never ending endurance. To keep up with the competition you need a strength and conditioning program that delivers results. That means strength training, plyometrics, and speed/agility drills.

This is only a partial list of the different workout plans for athletes.

General Workout Routines Aren't Always Enough

Although I'm a young 49, I consider myself to be physically fit with part of my general workout routine consists of a great deal of walking. When I went bike riding with my grandson the other day it completely changed my mind of what my total fitness was. About ten minutes into our ride my leg muscles began to burn fiercely and it wasn't much longer until I had to stop and rest. Although part of my general workouts consisted of a lot of walking which worked some of my leg muscles, it didn't workout the muscle groups that were needed for bike riding. I guess Lance Armstrong's Tour De France record is safe for now. If I were an amateur cyclist interested in turning pro, where would I find a good cycling workout plan?