Regain Your Health Through Health Education Programs

The meaning ‘health education’ is to educate someone about the health and health related issues. The health education does not always mean the physical health; here the health relates to social health, economical health, emotional health and some time also the spiritual health.

According to the world health organization, or known as WHO , any kind of learning related to health, including the improvement of knowledge and develop the skill related to individual or community health issue can be the under of health education program.

Although the concept of the health education or health awareness is the blessing of the late nineteenth century or the mid twentieth century, and now it took a modified look. At early days the main Moto of health education programs or a health education programmer was to control the harm or the infection of any diseases. From the mid 70’s the concept has changed quite a lot. During the disturbing 70’ illness, death rate due to various reason in all over the world, and also the high rising health care cost, forced to take health education as a serious issue. Persons who are going to educate the society or common mass, need a professional well educated health knowledge back ground.

One health educator always controls the seven area of responsibility. The people have to implement the new strategies in health education programs, used to communicate as well as advocate the health and related education. The educators have to take health education strategies with the interventions and programs. Also an educator has to assess any individual person and a community even about the importance of the health education program. Conducting research, serve as a health education recourse person, and he or she is the main administer of health education strategies, and also the health programs.

It is true that, health education begins with the people, and it is for the people. The education mainly motivates them to improve their living condition and develop their knowledge about the responsibility as a member of the society to make society more health conscious. With the awareness program, the health educators also organize some program or the educational campaign to remove and also the control of diseases which effecting the society, also the habit and attitudes which make people infected from any kind of the disease. As for example, washing hands properly before and after the meal, use proper sanitation system, health care of pregnant women in rural and poor family, all these are the duty and responsibility of health education program. Through the health education even the educator informs the community about the nutrition and deficiency of it’s among all the community people.

Health education nutrition is mostly an important and effective tool in the developing country, like India. The main cause is not only teaches prevention and improve the basic health queries but it will also reshape the habits and nature of the community. Such as unhealthy life styles in the developing countries. All these will never show you the instinct effect , but with the generations, the education will show its effect.

By: kalpendraa