Stop Smoking Cessation Medicine Champix

Stop smoking

- If you have tried to stop smoking in vain for years

- If this is your fifth or may be fiftieth attempt to stop smoking

- If you really wish to stop smoking now

Try Champix. It is a prescription only drug and helps in smoking cessation. However, before we go on about Champix, let us know more about smoking, so that it becomes easier for you to weigh pros and cons of smoking and cessation.

About smoking

Smoking is an addictive habit because of a substance called nicotine found in tobacco. Nicotine is the culprit behind your inability to stop smoking. If you want to give up this addiction, you need a drug or treatment that addresses nicotine.

Reasons for which you need to stop smoking are many. Some of them you yourself might be aware of through various sources of media or may be you might have seen somebody in your own family struggle with cancer because of smoking. Health problems such as cancer, emphysema, chronic bronchitis, gangrene, COPD, are just a few that occur because of smoking. If you feel that all these health problems won’t happen to you, think again. You stand a good chance to suffer from any of these if you do not stop smoking in time. Moreover, your daily life also becomes more painful as smoking makes even the easiest task look mammoth!

If you decide to stop smoking now, resources to help you do it are available. You may be able to move away from smoking cessation without going through any difficulties associated with cessation.

Availability of stop smoking drug Champix

Most people dread to stop smoking because of nicotine cravings and withdrawal symptoms. Nicotine cravings are needs or desires that arise because of lack of nicotine from cigarettes and withdrawal symptoms are symptoms that occur to show that the brain has not received nicotine.

Champix is a new stop smoking drug that helps reduce nicotine cravings as well as withdrawal symptoms. It does not contain nicotine like nicotine replacement therapies (NRT), so it can wean you from nicotine without actually giving nicotine to your body. The active ingredient of Champix is varenicline, which acts as nicotine and helps you stop smoking.

You can get Champix from a local drugstore or a pharmacy or you can even place an order for Champix online.

Side effects of stop smoking drug

Champix is a prescription drug and like most prescription drugs, it has side effects too. Side effects of Champix are mostly reversible and transient in nature. If you experience any side effect of Champix or if it becomes bothersome, inform a doctor.

Some of the common side effects of Champix are as follows:

- Nausea

- Vomiting

- Upset stomach

- Dizziness

- Vivid dreams