Using Home Drug Tests To Stop Teen Drug Use

Raising teenagers properly is a daunting task especially when a parent has to face the possibility that their child might be using and abusing illegal drugs or prescription painkillers. Fortunately, today parents have a powerful tool at their disposal to stop teen drug and alcohol use by drug testing from the privacy and safety of their own home. The introduction of efficient, accurate, cheap and easy to use home drug testing kits has enabled parents with the ability and power to stop their children from abusing substances by conducting random drug testing directly from the home.

The Dangers of Being a Teenager Today

The latest federal government statistics uncovered an alarming trend as the correlation between the rises in teenage drug use was met with a drop in the average age of the substance user. Today, more teens are getting high than ever before and they are starting at younger ages; even “tweens” are no longer considered a drug free age group. Illicit substances such as marijuana, ecstasy, methamphetamine and prescription pills such as Vicodin and Oxycontin are the most commonly abused substances with many addictive behaviors and patterns forming during a child’s adolescence. The consistent influx of peer pressure, stress from school, difficulties of puberty and the eagerness to rebel and experiment are all factors which put young adults and teenagers at risk to divulge in drug use. With all these mitigating factors, it is vital to remember that parents maintain the authority to stop teen drug use by drug testing from home.

What to Do When Communication Breaks Down Between a Parent and Child

Reaching your young adult and teenage children through an open and honest communication is the best defense against teen drug use. Presenting the facts about substance abuse with truth and real life situations instead of scare tactics can be the best prevention method for your kids. Unfortunately, the fact remains that illegal and illicit drug use amongst youths is an overwhelming and unavoidable problem. Even the most responsible and careful parenting can still fail in the awe-inspiring power of peer pressure and stupid youthful decisions. A defining characteristic of adolescence is the desire and impulse to rebel against the establishment, to rebel against authority and to figure out exactly what they can get away with. The world does not have consequences yet to teenagers, which results in a temptation to use drugs, both illegal and prescription pills. By applying a consistent and thorough home drug testing program, parents are able to regain their authority and add an extra barrier in the defense against teen drug use. If a teenager doesn’t think smoking marijuana, snorting cocaine or popping vicodins have any consequences what’s to stop them when their friends begin getting high? If that same teenager, facing the same peer pressure to use drugs, knows and understand the he or she is going to face a drug test at home; the decision to avoid the various substances becomes exponentially easier.

Starting and Sticking With a Drug Testing Program That Works

Using a drug test for your teenage children at home may seem like a difficult undertaking, but it has never been easier to get lab quality, accurate results at affordable prices. The surplus of simple to use home drug testing kits has made the process efficient and effective. Most urine drug tests will produce results with 99% accuracy in only five minutes. Other home drug test options are available in the form of hair follicle drug tests, urinalysis or saliva based samples. Each one differs on the length of detection times, types of drugs they can test for and cost. For instance, traces of marijuana use can appear in a urinalysis drug test up to one month after last ingestion while a hair follicle test can distinguish the drug use up to three months after the last usage. Utilize the available tools to protect your children from the dangers of drug addiction and put a stop to teen drug use by initiating a simple drug testing policy from your home. Considering the alternatives, a few dollars for your teen’s safety is something that cannot be avoided.